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About The Printer

The Pelham Library has an Ultimaker 3. The library prints primarily in PLA or Tough PLA, and the color of the print is determined by what filament we have in stock. While we appreciate donations of filament, we have limited storage space and may be unable to accommodate large donations. The library may limit the number of prints or decline to print a requested job. The most common reasons we decline a print job are that the print is too large for our build volume, the print cannot be completed during the library's open hours, or the requested print is a weapon. 

Printing is free at this time but prints are completed in a first-come, first served manner. If you provide your contact information, we will gladly notify you when your print is available for pickup. Prints that are not picked up by one month after their completion may be given away to other patrons or recycled. Patrons are responsible for removing support materials from their print.